• Dated: August 24, 2022   |   Duration: 02:27
    Twin boys move to a new house with their mother after she has face-changing cosmetic surgery, but under the bandages is someone the boys don't recognize.
  • Dated: March 1, 2022   |   Duration: 02:00
    An experienced hiker attempts to save a stranger during a blizzard on Mount Washington.
  • Dated: September 16, 2021   |   Duration: 02:01
    A teenager living in Staten Island during the summer of 1982 embarks on a quest that draws in his family members.
  • Dated: December 4, 2020   |   Duration: 01:59
    A family takes in an injured Magpie that makes a profound difference in their lives.
  • Dated: January 22, 2021   |   Duration: 02:11
    Trapped in a time loop that constantly repeats the day of his murder, a former special forces agent must unlock the mystery behind his untimely demise.
  • Dated: July 15, 2019   |   Duration: 01:51
    For Your Consideration: Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.
  • Dated: June 4, 2019   |   Duration: 02:41
    A married couple is forced to reckon with their idealized image of their son, adopted from war-torn Eritrea, after an alarming discovery by a devoted high school teacher threatens his status as an all-star student.
  • Dated: December 4, 2019   |   Duration: 01:47
    Set in the Bronx during the Summer of Sam, June (Naomi Watts) becomes unraveled when an unseen tormentor begins harassing her in this taut Hitchcockian Thriller.
  • Dated: April 30, 2019   |   Duration: 02:16
    A reimagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective.
  • Dated: June 1, 2017   |   Duration: 02:24
    Chronicling the adventures of an eccentric, resilient and tight-knit family, THE GLASS CASTLE is a remarkable story of unconditional love. Oscar® winner Brie Larson brings Jeannette Walls’s best-selling memoir to life as a young woman who, influenced by the joyfully wild nature of her deeply dysfunctional father (Woody Harrelson), found the fiery determination to carve out a successful life on her own terms.
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