• Dated: March 11, 2016   |   Duration: 04:44
    Naomi Watts joined the wildly popular “Divergent” film franchise in last year's "Insurgent." Now, she's back for its third installment, "Allegiant" but this time, she's not nearly as friendly. Watt’s joins TODAY’s Matt Lauer to talk about the film, her life at home, and her foray into the world of Instagram.
  • Dated: March 18, 2015   |   Duration: 04:29
    Naomi Watts talks about the emotion of the sci-fil thriller 'Insurgent' and what it was like joining the cast. She discusses how visually exciting this movie is and speaks about the film's theme.
  • Dated: March 7, 2015   |   Duration: 25:52
    Shailene Woodley, Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, Author Veronica Roth and Producer Lucy Fisher attend the press conference for Insurgent, the second movie in The Divergent series.
  • Dated: April 9, 2015   |   Duration: 02:50
    Behind-the-scenes interview with star Naomi Watts (Evelyn) from the movie "Insurgent" of the Divergent Series
  • Dated: March 9, 2015   |   Duration: 04:35
    Naomi Watts is interviewed for the movie Insurgent, the second in The Divergent Series of movies based on the books by Veronica Roth .
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