• Dated: January 10, 2013   |   Duration: 02:26
    Melissa interviews Ewan McGregor, Tom Holland and (the now Academy Award-nominated) Naomi Watts about playing a real family who overcame a natural disaster in The Impossible.
  • Dated: September 19, 2012   |   Duration: 13:29
    Oscar nominee Naomi Watts on her early years of leaving Australia and embarking on a career in the United States. 'The Impossible' star opens up to THR's awards analyst Scott Feinberg at the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Dated: January 27, 2019   |   Duration: 04:14
    Director Julius Onah and actors Kelvin Harrison Jr., Octavia Spencer, Naomi Watts and Tim Roth discuss their characters and the film "Luce" at the L.A. Times Studio at Chase Sapphire on Main.
  • Dated: May 18, 2015   |   Duration: 03:28
    'Sea Of Trees' cast (Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts and Gus Van Sant) at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.
  • Dated: January 27, 2010   |   Duration: 00:51
    Naomi Watts took a moment to speak to us about her role in the Sundance 2010 film "Mother and Child," and about working with Director Rodrigo GarcĂ­a. Produced by Darren Ewing and Kim McDaniel.
  • Dated: May 26, 1999   |   Duration: 00:53
    Interview with Emma-Kate Croghan, writer/director, and Naomi Watts, star of Strange Planet. The Movie Show Episode
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