The Loudest Voice (Episodes Guide)

1.03 – 2008
aired on July 14, 2019
Directed by: Jeremy Podeswa | Written by: Gabriel Sherman, Jennifer Stahl

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, Roger and Fox News Channel have found the ultimate enemy — one that will drive Fox’s coverage as well as cement their ratings; what no one suspects are the hidden depths of Roger’s secret world.

1.04 – 2009
aired on July 21, 2019
Directed by: Jeremy Podeswa | Written by: John Harrington Bland

Roger finds his legacy in Joe Lindsley, a 25-year-old acolyte he hires to be the editor of a newspaper he bought in upstate New York; turning the local paper into a conservative news source, Roger also achieves revenge against the Obama White House.

1.05 – 2012
aired on July 28, 2019
Directed by: Kari Skogland | Written by: Laura Eason, Alex Metcalf

Fox News Channel is now the dominant news outlet and Roger is working the levers of his power, but he doesn’t see the danger posed by Gretchen Carlson; after years of harassment by Roger, she’s finally had enough.

1.06 – 2015
aired on August 4, 2019
Directed by: Stephen Frears | Written by: Laura Eason

Gretchen Carlson has been secretly taping Roger’s harassment for over a year and is working with a New Jersey lawyer specializing in sexual harassment; Roger wants to elect Donald Trump as president, but this causes conflict with Murdoch, who wants nothing to do with such a divisive figure.

1.07 – 2016
aired on August 11, 2019
Directed by: Scott Z. Burns | Written by: Gabriel Sherman, Jennifer Stahl

Roger slips move into crisis mode after Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit becomes public, doing all that he can to salvage his legacy and career.