Sleepwalkers (Episodes Guide)

1.01 – Something Is Buried in Bethlehem
aired on November 1, 1997
Directed by: David Nutter | Written by: David S. Goyer, Stephen Kronish

Major Ben Costigan is suffering from recurring nightmares involving a sinister faceless shadow man that stalks him. He turns to Nathan Bradford and his team of dream researchers for help. They investigate his childhood.

1.02 – Night Terrors
aired on November 8, 1997
Directed by: Bill Malone | Written by: Stephen Gaghan

Kate and Nathan, who’s being haunted by the memories of their dead partner McCaig, investigate the night terrors of a young boy who’s being influenced during sleep by a smiling trickster. The boy’s missing sister turns out to be the key.

1.03 – Eye of the Beholder
aired on February 8, 1998
Directed by: James Whitmore Jr. | Written by: David S. Goyer

A woman keeps dreaming that her husband is trying to operate on her abdomen. The team discovers the presence of another person in her dreams, a confused man psychically linked to her. But why? Later, the team is hit by tragedy.

1.04 – Forlorn
aired on February 15, 1998
Directed by: Jeffrey W. Woolnough | Written by: Stephen Kronish

One by one, the men of small dying mining town of Forlorn are inexplicably falling victims to sleep paralyses after dreaming about a redheaded succubus that seduces them before turning into a wolf and attacking them.

1.05 – Counting Sheep
aired on March 8, 1998
Directed by: Bill Malone | Written by: Stephen Kronish

Ben and Kate are sent into the twisted mind of a comatose serial killer to try and learn the location of his latest victim who may still be alive.

1.06 – Passed Imperfect
aired on April 5, 1998
Directed by: Lee Bonner | Written by: Stephen Kronish

Nathan’s estranged father-in-law asks him if he could visit his comatose daughter in the dreamworld. However, there’s something important he neglects to mention.

1.07 – A Matter of Fax
aired on May 31, 1998
Directed by: James Whitmore Jr. | Written by: Stephen Kronish

Still grieving over her colleague’s death, Kate tries to help a slightly autistic, desperate man who suffers from recurring nightmares in which he strangles a stripper whom he likes in real life and who’s now missing.

1.08 – Sub Subconscious
aired on Unaired in the US
Directed by: Michael Katleman | Written by: Stephen Gaghan, David Weinstein

A horror novelist has recurring nightmares of being killed by a monster from the book he’s trying to finish writing. The team learns that another author already tried to finish it only to end up killing himself.

1.09 – Cassandra
aired on Unaired in the US
Directed by: Cliff Bole | Written by: Stephen Gaghan, Sara B. Charno

A hospitalized schizophrenic woman predicts that Ben’s son is going to die. The team enters her cryptic dreams to find out more about her prophecy.