The Watcher’s Naomi Watts waited “quite some time” for AHS’s Ryan Murphy to cast her

Sam Warner, David Opie

October 14, 2022

Article taken from Digital Spy

Naomi Watts has admitted she has waited “quite some time” to finally work with Ryan Murphy, as she teams-up with the producer on The Watcher.

The new Netflix true crime drama follows a couple who begin to be harassed by a stalker after moving into their dream home in New Jersey.

The series sees Watts return to the horror-thriller genre, having starred in the likes of The Ring and Funny Games in the past.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, the actress explained: “It’s not quite as raw and gruesome as Funny Games. But yes, definitely feeling like you’re in a safe neighbourhood, there’s some parallels there.

“I do love this genre, particularly as an actor to play in it. And as an audience member, yes, I’ve grown up watching certain films that have inspired me, and really stayed with me. So there’s just always lots to be gleaned from fear and mystery and thrills, I think.

“I felt really excited to be back in this genre after not being there for a while, and certainly in the hands of someone like Ryan Murphy. I mean, who doesn’t want that?” she added, going on to admit that she has been “sort of willing that call to come for quite some time”.

The collaborations with Murphy won’t end there either, with the star due to re-team with the producer on his series Feud, something she is “super-excited about”.

“It’s very different from The Watcher,” she added. “The only similarity is that it’s the two of us, and we’re shooting in New York. But it’s very different people, and a different time. But it’s something quite iconic and delicious, and good to sink your teeth into.”

Of course, one of Murphy’s biggest projects is American Horror Story – so would Watts be interested in appearing in the anthology series?

“That’s one show of his I haven’t watched yet,” she revealed. “I know – how many years has it been going? But I will get around to it. I mean, he’s got such a gift for it. I’ve just watched the Jeffrey Dahmer one, which was quite the piece – super well done, though. Yeah, he seems to know how to handle this kind of genre very, very well.”

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