The Watcher’s Naomi Watts reveals surprise ending was kept secret from the cast

Harriet Mitchell, David Opie

October 16, 2022

Article taken from Digital Spy

The Watcher star Naomi Watts has revealed that the surprise ending of the Netflix true crime drama was kept secret from the cast.

The horror thriller from American Horror Story‘s Ryan Murphy follows a family who move to their dream house in New Jersey only to be harassed by a stalker called a ‘watcher’.

Currently starring in the series, which is based upon a real-life case in New Jersey, Watts explained how the cast didn’t know how the story would end.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about what she found challenging about the role, Watts said: “Just not knowing, often. We were also trying to piece the story together in real time as we were making it. And so lots of mystery for us.

“But it just adds to the excitement of it, really. It wasn’t a bad thing. It was just a piece of the experience that made it more mysterious and more fun, I suppose,” she added.

According to the Funny Games actress, the cast were given scripts for a lot of the events, but not everything, so they had to piece together the mystery as they went.

“We were given a chunk of the scripts but, yeah, we were not told… There was plenty of mystery as well.”

Speaking of the scripts, Watts said the actors relied on them to build their characters rather than speaking to people involved in the real life story but she did read an article on the events.

“I did read, of course, the article, which was fantastic and super-engaging. Apart from wanting to work with Ryan Murphy, I did read that as well, and that definitely made it more exciting. But, yeah, it was an instant yes, based on working with Ryan, and then the story was also a compelling factor.”

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